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Gaithersburg's Water Park at Bohrer Park, known as the prime aquatic recreation spot in Montgomery County, Maryland, promises a delightful haven for families.

This park boasts an array of water features, from large water slides for older children to smaller ones suitable for younger visitors.

Additionally, a fenced splash park offers a safe, interactive space for toddlers with water sprays, slides, and fun climbing structures.

This park not only prioritizes safety but also convenience, offering amenities such as lounge chairs, shade areas, and lockers.

Moreover, diverse food options are available, providing a complete entertainment package for families.

Despite the park's popularity, visitors can expect a serene atmosphere, particularly during afternoon hours.

This introduction will explore the park's features, amenities, and admission details, providing a comprehensive guide for families seeking a charming and enjoyable summer retreat.

Park Features

With its division into two pool areas, two large water slides for older kids, and shallow zones equipped with smaller slides, water sprays, and interactive features for younger children, Gaithersburg's Water Park at Bohrer Park offers a variety of exciting features that cater to all age groups.

The park also hosts a fenced splash park, complete with slides and water features, all under shade coverage. The depth of the pool in this area does not exceed 10 inches, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the smallest visitors.

A large alligator and log structure present additional climbing adventures for children.

For the convenience of visitors, the park also provides large lockers, family restrooms, and a snack bar.

Thus, Bohrer Park's Water Park is designed to ensure immersive, all-day family fun.

Amenities and Services

A plethora of amenities and services, including spacious locker rooms, shaded areas, a snack bar, and playgrounds, are available for visitors at Bohrer Park's aquatic facility.

This destination offers a well-equipped area to secure personal belongings with large lockers.

Additionally, there are numerous lounge chairs and shaded zones where visitors can relax while not engaging in water activities.

  1. The presence of a snack bar operated by Boardwalk Fries provides visitors with a variety of refreshment options.
  2. The allowance of outside food offers an added measure of convenience and control over dietary needs.
  3. The facility encompasses two playgrounds with rubber surfaces, ensuring a safer environment for children to play.
  4. Family restrooms are available in the park, further enhancing the comfort and ease of the visitor experience.

Park Admission

Entrance to the aquatic facility at Bohrer Park is priced between $6 and $11, varying based on factors such as visitor age and resident status.

Offering a balance between affordable fun and quality amenities, the park's fee structure encourages families to freely engage in the multitude of thrilling experiences it offers.

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For those seeking regular access, season passes are available, providing unhindered joy at a fraction of the cost. The park's inclusive admission policy allows outside food, thereby facilitating a sense of autonomy in visitors.

Moreover, the park administration ensures safety by enforcing rules such as the mandatory use of swim diapers and rubber pants for kids who aren't potty trained, thereby offering an environment where families can unwind with peace of mind.