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Invicta Sports Club, situated in Gaithersburg, provides a unique family-oriented experience, with a focus on archery sessions suitable for all ages.

This distinctive activity center, equipped with 8 archery lanes, allows participants the opportunity to engage in a sport that is both exciting and challenging. Under the guidance of an expert, individuals are allotted five arrows to aim at targets, cultivating precision and patience.

This activity lasts for one hour and is priced at $37 per person, with discounts available. Despite its somewhat hidden location, the club has garnered commendations for its cleanliness and amiable atmosphere.

The instructors' patience and attentiveness contribute to an enjoyable and successful experience for both children and adults.

Particularly popular among families with children aged 10 and 12, this unique experience has been provided by the club for approximately a month. The club also offers fencing lessons, family classes, and birthday party packages, creating a versatile family-friendly environment.

Club Overview

Invicta Sports Club, a family-oriented activity center situated in Gaithersburg, offers a unique experience of archery, in addition to fencing lessons and other family classes, in an environment that is clean, bright, yet a bit elusive to locate.

This club, only a month old, has already carved a niche for itself as a fun, engaging space for both adults and kids. The archery sessions are particularly appealing, allowing participants of all ages, even as young as five, to indulge in the sport under the guidance of their resident expert, Alexi. Each session is a blend of excitement and education, with safety rules and shooting instructions provided.

The club also offers discounted rates on Certifikid, making it an affordable family outing.

Activity Details

The sessions at this activity center are designed for all ages, with children as young as five allowed to participate.

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At Invicta Sports Club, each participant is entitled to shoot five arrows and the club boasts eight archery lanes. The targets are set at varying distances to accommodate different skill levels.

  1. Safety measures are emphasized with clear instructions provided by the resident expert, Alexi.
  2. After each shooting round, the instructors retrieve the arrows from the targets, ensuring a secure environment.
  3. For younger participants, the targets are moved closer to increase their chances of success.

The archery sessions last for one hour and are priced at $37 per individual, although discounted rates are offered on Certifikid.

The club's welcoming atmosphere, combined with its unique and enjoyable activities, makes it an ideal venue for family outings.

Additional Services

Aside from offering archery sessions, this Gaithersburg-based activity center also provides fencing lessons and a one-hour class designed for all family members. These additional services are tailored to meet the diverse interests of all clients, regardless of age or skill level.

The fencing sessions equip participants with basic techniques and strategies, while the family class fosters bonding and teamwork amongst family members.

Furthermore, Invicta Sports Club facilitates a unique Spring Break Camp with a flexible drop-in option, thereby providing a convenient and enriching activity for children during the school holidays.

They also offer birthday party packages, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable celebration for children.

The club's commitment to providing diverse and engaging activities is a testament to its dedication towards creating a family-friendly environment.